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The Town of Windsor Museums offer a variety of opportunities for Kindergarten through 12th-grade students to have an engaging learning experience outside of the classroom. See how other groups have enjoyed tours at our facilities.

NEW! We also offer virtual curriculum and field trips! See the "Virtual Programs" tab below for more information.

Program Theme Ideas

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Exhibition-specific programs
  • Immigration
  • Industries of Windsor
  • Life in the 1890s
  • Math with the Sears Catalog
  • Railroads and Transportation
  • Technology and Communication
  • Windsor Lake Ecology
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  3. Outreach
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Virtual Programs are now available!

Looking for fun, interactive social studies programming? Educators and parents can now access FREE virtual programs from the Town of Windsor Museums! 

Digital Curriculum

Windsor History Mysteries can be downloaded and printed for free and offer an exciting journey through social studies. Windsor History Mysteries aligns to 2020 Colorado Educational Standards in Social Studies for Grades 1-5, but kids of all ages can put on their detective hats and have fun with Windsor History Mysteries. 

Lessons include activities on:

  • The development of Windsor’s community
  • Immigration and how people influence a town
  • Using maps and compasses 
  • Primary and secondary sources
  • and more!

Windsor History Mystery Episode 1: The Primary Source Case

Virtual Field Trips

Have a museum educator visit your online classroom! Virtual field trips are free and can be customized to any amount of time. Educators can present live or send pre-recorded sessions on any social studies objectives. Field trips can be adapted to learning objectives for 1st-12th grade.

For more information or to book a virtual field trip, contact Museum Educator Katherine Mercier at

Virtual Field Trips include:

  • Windsor History Museum Adventure
    • Students can get up close and personal on a virtual tour of the Windsor History Museum, learning about artifacts, the development of Windsor, and the people who shaped its community
  • Welcome to Windsor
    • Students will take a virtual tour of two museum buildings, the Beet Shack and the Farmhouse, to learn about the experiences of German from Russia people who immigrated to Windsor in the early 1900s.
  • Economics Exploration
    • Using a Sears and Roebuck catalog, students will examine scarcity, choices, consequences, and decision-making through the lens of Windsor’s history.