Open Space & Trails

Windsor Open Space Sales Tax Approved

In November 2022, Windsor voters approved a 0.25% open space sales tax increase.  The tax revenue will provide a dedicated source of funding to purchase open space lands. 

For Windsor, the term Open Space often refers to lands that include protected lands of significant value that are conserved in their natural state, restored or improved with appropriate native landscaping to retain a natural or natural-appearing condition, or conserved in quality agriculture. These open spaces provide many benefits which can include:

  • Mental and physical health benefits
  • Conservation - Maintaining natural habitats for native species, agricultural lands and watershed areas that aid in the improvement of water quality.
  • Pathways - Builds and maintains paved and unpaved paths that connect Windsor residents to key destinations.
  • Community Separator - A parcel of undeveloped land separating two or more urban areas under different municipal jurisdictions which has been designated to provide a permanent low-density area preserving the communal integrity of the two municipalities.
  • Restoration - Restoring, renewal, revival or reestablishment of open spaces to a former, original, normal or unimpaired condition.
  • Maintaining Windsor's rural character and creating corridors for the safe and enjoyable movement of people and animals.

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The term Open Space refers to lands that include agriculture lands, scenic viewsheds and trails. Open Space exists in a natural state and contain few or no structures; they may also contain significant natural, aesthetic and recreational features that warrant protection. Each of these Open Spaces will give you a different experience. Windsor Open Space and Trails is responsible for conservation of natural habitats for native species, preservation of agricultural lands and watershed areas for the improvement of water quality while also maintaining paved and unpaved through-ways that connect Windsor residents and visitors to key destinations such as downtown, neighborhoods, parks, schools and open spaces.

The Windsor Town Board has adopted the Open Space and Trails Strategic Plan. It provides a 5-10 year framework to define areas for open space preservation and trail development within Windsor's Growth Management Area.


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