Special Events

People Watching a Concert in a Grassy Field

The Town of Windsor offers a multitude of special events for you and your family throughout the year. Check out the events calendar or view the Activity Guide for more information.

Are you interested in hosting a private events at one of our parks? Do you want more information about sponsoring an existing town event? For more information contact Windsor's Recreation Coordinator via email for special events and sponsorship.

Food Trucks & Mobile Vendors

Windsor has many events that present opportunities for mobile food vendors to sell their products. In order to be eligible to sell at Windsor events, you must be an approved vendor with all necessary licenses and complete an application. For information on licensing in Weld County, visit the Weld County Environmental Health Services website.

Food vendors chosen to sell at Windsor Parks, Recreation and Culture events will depend on experience, variety of options and other factors. We limit the number of food vendors at events based on event size. To be considered for Windsor events, please fill out the application and staff will contact you.

Special Event Planning

Whether you're planning a parade, a festival, a 5K run or just a neighborhood block party, the Town of Windsor would like to help you make your event possible. All applications are due 90 days prior to requested event date.

Any applications submitted after the 90 day window will not be reviewed.


The best place to start the Special Activities Application process is by downloading the Special Activity Guidelines (PDF) . Here you will find the answers to all your questions relating to hosting a special event in Windsor.


Events in Windsor are assigned a fee based on several factors, including attendance, duration of alcohol service (if applicable) and impacts to the community. All events will also pay a $100 application fee and a $500 refundable damage deposit. 

Please refer to the Special Activity Guidelines (PDF) for fees related to your event.

The Application Process

  1. Step 1: Do I Need a Permit for My Event?
  2. Step 2: Determine Which Permit Your Event Needs

Answering a few simple questions will help you determine if you need to apply for a Special Event Permit:

  • Is the anticipated attendance 100 or more?
  • Will there be alcohol consumption or sales?
  • Will you have vendors at the event who are selling goods or services (like a yoga class)?
  • Will you be using amplified sound, other than a small, personal speaker for announcements?
  • Will your event close or change the traffic pattern of a street or alley?
  • Will your event impact the public use of a park or natural resource?
  • Will you be using any temporary structures, like tents (larger than 10x10), bleachers, blow up structures or stages?
  • Are you submitting your application 90 days in advance of your requested event date?

Which application applies to your event?

Please review the descriptions of each application below carefully before applying for your event:

  • Parks Activities Application: If your event takes place at any of the public parks in the Town of Windsor. Includes Start/Finish and after parties of races.
  • Run/Walk/Triathlon Application: Only if your event takes place on trails in the Town of Windsor, or requesting the use of Windsor Lake for a triathlon.
  • Community Impact Application: The majority of your event is held on private property. Major roadways and community will be impacted by event.
  • Parade Application: Requesting street closures for an organized procession of people or floats.
  • Block Party Application: Hosting an event on a street or breezeway that impacts traffic flow or street access.
  • Private Outdoor Fee-Based Activity Application: Defined as a class, clinic, camp, guided activity, program or related service organized and offered by a permittee for which a payment or fee is expected to be made to the permittee. Max number of participants is 25.
  • Sponsored Activities Application: Must be a non-profit to apply for Town Board sponsorship of your event. (Due Oct 1)

Submission of an application will hold a space on our events calendar, but does not guarantee approval of your event until the following is submitted as well:

  • Applications are due 90 days before your event. Any applications submitted after the 90 day window will not be reviewed. 
  • Your event is not approved until all required forms are submitted, all fees paid and you have received notification of approval for your event. You will be notified no more than 15 working days after the application is submitted if additional information is needed. 
  • Once your application is reviewed by all departments and approved, a permit for your event will be issued by the Special Event Coordinator.

Special Event Planning Resources

Site Plan

You must submit a site plan with your Special Activities Application. You can View the online map.