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A large open grassy area in a residential neighborhood

Windsor History Museum features historic buildings from around Windsor built between 1882 and the 1920s. Each building helps tell the story of Windsor’s beginning with the completion of the Greeley, Salt Lake and Pacific Railroad through the sugar beet boom of the early 20th century. 

The Train Depot includes many exhibits and hands-on activities for all ages and is a great place to start your museum experience. 

Admission to Windsor History Museum is free, but donations are always appreciated! 

Homeschool Days at the Museum

Don’t miss free Homeschool Day at the Town of Windsor Museums! All activities are customized for PreK-12th grade students, so bring the whole family! This program is free, but registration is required. Young children completing an archaeology activity

September 16: Back to School (in the 1800s)

October 21: Creating Clothing

November 18: Kitchens of the Past

December 16: Christmases Past

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Night at the Museum: Depot Tour

Friday, November 12th, 7-8pm

Windsor’s train depot in Boardwalk Park has survived for more than 140 years. Discover the history of the Depot during a tour with a guide from the Town of Windsor Museums. From original graffiti left behind by past station agents to tales of daring robberies, hear stories from the past told by a costumed interpreter. The Depot has heat and is accessible for those with wheelchairs or other assistive devices.

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  1. Train Depot
  2. School House
  3. Farm house
  4. Beet Shack
  5. Chapel

A museum in a cityBuilt: 1882
Original Location: One quarter mile southeast of current location

The Depot served as the town’s communication, commerce, and passenger center. Strategically located halfway between Greeley and Fort Collins, the depot connected Windsor with the larger region. Originally built by the Greeley, Salt Lake, and Pacific Railroad (which would later become the Colorado and Southern Railroad), the depot was opened in 1882 as a combination depot for both freight and passengers. In the late 1890s, the Depot was remodeled to accommodate the living quarters for the station agent and his family. 

The depot remained in service until the early 1970s when the Colorado and Southern Railroad decided to replace it with a new depot. Windsor locals worked with the town and railroad to save the original depot and were able to relocate it to its present location at Boardwalk Park in 1975. The building was restored in 1976 and became the Windsor Depot Centennial Museum (it opened in Colorado’s bicentennial year).

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