Upcoming Exhibitions

Unsettled: A Community Art Exhibition 

Exhibition runs: October 16, 2020 through January 9, 2021 at the Windsor Art & Heritage Center. The exhibition will also be accessible online.

Unsettled is a community art show that brings together regional artists working in all all forms and mediums to express the darker side of being human. From a fear of spiders to social anxiety to a pebble in your shoe, there is a huge spectrum of things that can make us feel unsettled. This exhibition will examine fears both real and imagined and the beauty and enlightenment that can come from addressing them.

Artist Entry Information

The Town of Windsor Museums is seeking regional artists to submit their artwork for a community art show encompassing artistic representations of the things that make you uncomfortable, however minor or significant.

Artists will compete for first, second, third, and community choice awards of $150, $75, $50, and $75, respectively.  A virtual awards reception will be held at a time TBD. Entry is free and all forms of artwork will be considered. Each artist may submit up to three (3) items for consideration for the exhibition. 

To enter submit the following information via email to our Museum Curator:

  • Artist name
  • Attached image of artwork  
  • Size of artwork (width x height) 
  • Medium/materials used
  • Short description of artwork 

Submission Deadline: September 15, 2020 at 5 pm

Still feeling stumped?

Here’s an example submission to give you some inspiration!

Abstract painting of a black silhouette of a man in profile on a beige background.
Abstract painting of a person with their head tilted backwards, mouth open.
Abstract painting of a man looking downward, eyes closed.

"These works on tar paper, each approximately five feet high and 3.5 feet wide, represent my unsettled emotional state as I work to honestly share my emotional state through painting."

Dr. Andrew Jay Svedlow, Ph.D.
Professor of Art History
University of Northern Colorado