Open Space & Trails Sales Tax

Windsor’s Open Space and Trails team is responsible for the acquisition, stewardship, and maintenance of trails and open spaces. Thank you, Windsor voters! In November 2022, Windsor voters approved a 0.25% open space sales tax increase. This page serves to provide transparency regarding funds collected and used.

The tax created a dedicated funding source for open space land acquisition, stewardship, operation and maintenance to:

  • Lessen the impact of residential housing growth, thereby reducing community impacts such as traffic, the cost of maintaining roads, sewer, stormwater and acquiring and treating water.
  • Enable the town to develop and maintain open space.
  • Obtain, manage, and preserve working farms and community separators that will keep Windsor unique.
  • Promote and perpetuate open space that conserves valuable wildlife habitats, protects the environment and creates green spaces and waterfront access to lakes, streams, and the Cache la Poudre River.