Open Space and Trails Strategic Plan

Plan Overview

You spoke, we listened, from the 2019 survey results from the Parks, Recreation and Culture Strategic Plan revealed the Windsor community is eager to have more access and opportunities to engage with open spaces and trails.

The Divisions 2021 budget included an appropriation for completion of an Open Space and Trails Strategic Plan to guide Windsor Open Space and Trails for the next 5-10 years in the acquisition of of open space and determination of trail development priorities.

The Open Space and Trails Strategic Plan is informed by public input on open space and trail priorities, desired public benefits, and community expectations that have been highlighted through this and past planning efforts.

Relationship to Town Planning Efforts

The 2020 Town of Windsor's Strategic Plan and the 2020 Parks, Recreation, and Culture Strategic Plan contain several high-level action items which have a strong focus on increasing the amount of open space preservation and trail development. This type of progress can be tracked via the Performance Dashboard. These plans provide the overall framework for this OST Strategic Plan.

Public feedback in those previous planning efforts, including a statistically-valid survey in the PRC Strategic Plan, show strong community support for investing in open spaces and trails. This OST Strategic Plan accomplishes many action items and advances other long-term action items in the PRC Strategic Plan by gathering additional public input on open space and identifying more specific and relevant open space action items.

Windsor Open Space and Trails is also actively working to implement property management plans which are being designed to meet the OST Strategic Plan vision, such as for Kyger Open Space, Boardwalk Park, and the Middle School/Public Safety complex at WCR 15 and WCR 70.