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Archery Range

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Public Note: Due to the winter's inclement weather and in an effort to help preserve the 3D targets, they have been temporarily removed from the Windsor Archery Range. Staff will be reinstalling the targets this spring/summer so archers can resume practicing on the 3D targets.

Archery Rules

  • The archery range is open to the public for the purpose of shooting archery equipment (bows and arrows) only. 
  • Any other use of the range is prohibited.
  • Be aware of archery activities at all times.
  • Safe range use and proper shooting etiquette are the responsibility of every range user.

Safety Rules

  • No use of crossbows or any other weapons
  • No broad-heads are allowed at any time
  • All shooters must stand at or behind the shooting line until the range is “clear" and all shooters on the line are ready to retrieve their arrows at the same time. This range has one shooting line with targets set at 15, 20, and 30 yards distance from the shooting line.
  • Follow the field range targets in sequential order
  • Shoot from, or in line with the target marker posts
  • Be sure the target area is “clear” before shooting
  • Violation of rules shall be reported by calling 970-674-3500

 Failure to comply with all rules may result in being reported to proper authorities

Shooting Etiquette

  • Stop shooting when others on the line are waiting to retrieve their arrows
  • Confirm that shooting has stopped by making eye contact with other shooters and stating that the range is “clear” before proceeding down range to retrieve arrows
  • Limit time searching for arrows if others are waiting to shoot
  • Ensure that target faces are still secured to butts before moving on to the next target
  • Please leave targets as you would like to find them

Please pick up trash and deposit it in the nearest receptacle. Keep this range safe and clean for everyone to continue to enjoy.