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Park Shelter Request Form


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  • Step One

    1. This form is only an application until approved by the Windsor Parks and Recreation Department and a permit is issued.

      Please allow 3 business days for this application to be reviewed and/or approved. Permits will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis for the current calendar year beginning on the first working day of each year.

      You may reserve a park shelter immediately by visiting Facility Registration or by calling 970-674-3500. If booking the Facility Registration through the link provided, you may skip the completion of the form below. Shelter Permits require a non-refundable fee per shelter per day.

      You will be contacted by a representative from the Community Recreation Center via phone to confirm reservation and payment.

      All organized groups need to fill out a request form even if not using a shelter to help the Windsor Parks and Recreation Department track usage.

      Please be advised that parks are public space and may not be blocked from public use. Only shelters may be reserved for private use.

      *If your anticipated attendance is 100 or more people and/or there will be sales or distribution of goods, a special event permit may be required. Please contact the Special Events Coordinator at 970-674-3510.