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Call for Community Submissions about COVID-19

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people the world over. This is an historical event, and we want to ensure that the Windsor Community’s experience during this time is recorded and preserved in the Town of Windsor Museums’ collection. We don’t just collect old things; we collect new things, too, and you can help preserve the present for future generations!
  2. Just like we are interested in learning about how Windsor coped during the 1918 flu pandemic, people in the future will wonder about the Town’s experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak.

    We want to hear your stories about:

    • How have your daily lives and routines changed?
    • Are you or is someone in your household an essential worker? What is that like?
    • How do you occupy your time and remain social while staying at home?
    • Has you or someone you know made a difference in the community?
    • How have all of the closures and cancellations impacted you?
    • What have you learned about yourself and/or your neighbors/community during this experience?
  3. Chalkboard sign in front of a grocery explaining social distancing rules
  4. You can use this form to submit the following using file uploads or links.

    • digital content, for example screen shots of COVID-19 related web pages, emails, memes on social media
    • audio recordings
    • videos of how people have adapted to changes during the pandemic
    • photos documenting changes happening around the community and your personal experiences
    • written anecdotes or observations
    • anything related to the novel coronavirus pandemic and your experience that you think would be interesting to someone ten, twenty, or one hundred years from now
  5. If you have uploaded a photo or video, please include a detailed caption here.
  6. Permission*
    Check here to confirm that you give the Town of Windsor permission to use your image/story for future exhibitions and/or research and waive any rights to compensation of any kind from the Town of Windsor for public, non-commercial use of your image/story. Your content may also be used on our social media.
  7. Two hand-sewn face masks made of colorful cloth and hair ties
  8. Screen shot of a Zoom meeting showing nearly 25 faces of people participating in the virtual meeting
  9. Staff member handing out curbside to go lunches to seniors
  10. We are also interested in physical artifacts that represent your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider setting items aside for when the Town of Windsor Museums reopen so that we might add them to our collection. Here are examples of artifacts that we would like to collect:

    • homemade face masks
    • diaries, journals, letters
    • signs posting park closures, "do not gather" notices, or other social distancing directives
    • direct mail pieces related to COVID-19
    • objects made at home during the stay at home order that tell an interesting story

    Have questions or need help? Email and someone from the Town of Windsor Museums staff will respond within a few days.
  11. Sign designed by Town of Windsor stating that proper social distancing equals two golden retrievers
  12. Sign designed by Town of Windsor stating that proper social distancing equals 5 dumb bells
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