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2024 Art LIVE! Call for Artists

  1. Call for Artists

    The Windsor Arts Commission is seeking local artists to participate in this year’s Art LIVE! event series. Artists of any medium are welcome to apply.

    Selected artists will participate in one of our events between June and August. Selection and event assignment will depend on the type of artwork and its appropriateness for the event.

    The Town of Windsor will purchase the completed artwork unless it is ephemeral or otherwise intangible. The Town will acquire rights to the art and images of the art upon completion and purchase of the piece.

  2. Artist Specifications

    - Artists of any medium are welcome to apply

    - The artist must be comfortable completing their work in front of an audience

    - The art can be at any stage at the beginning of the event, but must be completed (or very near completion) by the end of the event 

    - The Town of Windsor must be able to purchase the completed artwork for display in a public area with the exclusion of ephemeral art (e.g. chalk drawing on sidewalk).

  3. Community Art Policy Guidelines

    - Must be a unique artwork

    - Must not cause a hazard to the community

    - No nudity or overtly sexual themes

    - No depictions of graphic violence

    - No overtly political subject matter

  4. Please include medium, dimensions, time needed to complete, space requirements, and anything else needed for completion.

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